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Web TV Dial-Up Networking Setup

In order to complete your MSN/Web-tv Dial-up setup with PGHConnect, you will need the following pieces of information from PGHConnect:
ISP Name -> PGHConnect
Primary Dialup access number -> (local number)
Secondary modem number -> (same as primary number)
A PGHConnect User name -> (your user id)
A PGHConnect Password -> (your user password)

Step 1. From the WebTV Web Homepage, select "Setup" from the top bar.

Step 2. In the Setup window, select Dialing.

Step 3. In the Dialing Options window, select Use Your Own ISP.

Step 4. Click Continue.

Step 5. Click Continue.

Step 6. Click Continue.

Step 7. Make sure the check box in the top middle of the screen is checked. Then, enter your information as follows:
Service Provider name: PGHConnect
Login Name: Your PGHConnect Login Name
Password: Your PGHConnect Login Password
Modem Dial-In Number: 412-555-1212
Backup Dial-In Number: 412-555-1213
If you do not yet have a dial-up access number, click here to get one.
If we cannot provide a backup number in your area, enter your dial-up number again in the Backup Dial-In Number field.
Click Done to continue.

Step 8. Finally, click on the Continue button. After your web-tv is restarted,
you will be configured to use the Internet.

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